Natia Kuprashvili

Natia Kuprashvili is the associated professor in Tbilisi State University. She is the author of the several science publications. She is also, independent media expert and media analyst, with more than 20 years of experience.

She is one of the first authors of the first Agro module, which is successfully used by universities all over the country. Natia Kuprashvili is the founder of the Agro Guild in Georgia and expert in covering Agro issues in media. For the years she is representing interests of the regional broadcasters, advocating them in the different institutions and brings attention of the several actors, including international organizations to the issues related to regional media.

Nino Chalaganidze

Graduated from the Journalism Faculty of the Tbilisi State University with Bachelor’s and MBA degrees; defended her PhD Thesis at the same university.

During different years she worked as the Head of Public Relations Department of the Union of Scientific-Engineering Societies, David Agmashenebeli University, Robakidze University; worked as correspondent and producer at Georgian televisions and radios. She is the author of numerous Bachelor’s, MBA da PhD education programs and of over 40 scientific articles; co-author of 4 handbooks, author and producer of TV programs and documentaries.

Currently she is the head of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of the Faculty of social and political sciences of the Tbilisi State University and Associated Professor of the TSU. She is also the Head of the Multimedia Center of the Caucasus International University.

Research spheres: TV documentaries, media education, public relations.

Armin Huttenlocher

 Armin Huttenlocher is a journalist and independent consultant, specialized on agricultural topics since more thirty years and with broad international experience all over Europe, the US and Africa.

Since 2005 he has served as external advisor to several Georgian Governments, particularly on topics related to Georgia’s process of association to the EU, but also in the field of re-development of Georgia’s agriculture and its restructuring towards a modern, efficient, competitive and sustainable form of agriculture.

In his capacity as an expert particularly in milk-production and diary industry Mr. Huttenlocher is, amongst others, giving advise to the Georgian Association of the Diary Industry and some of the association’s companies.

In his capacity as a journalist he is regularly giving lectures at several academies in Germany and abroad. Mr Huttenlocher has studied in Munich and in the US and is holding a degree as “Masters of Art”. He started is professional career with the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Deutschlandfunk.

Sesili Gogiberidze

Sesili Gogiberidze is a Doctor of Sciences in Philology and MSc in International Relations. She graduated from Tbilisi State University and Royal Holloway, University of London.

During her career she held academic and administrative positions at Tbilisi State University, Caucasus University and Caucasus International University. She was a member of Georgian Government, Minister of Culture of Georgia. Sesili Gogiberidze  was Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

She was awarded the diplomatic rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. She served as a media manager and was awarded for fruitful collaboration with the programme CNN World Report.

Sesili Gogiberidze has versatile research interests. Her research scope is politics, international relations, intercultural relations, cultural globalization, global politics and media, literary translation.

She is a founder of scientific award “Tamar” of the Caucasus International University.

Giga Abuladze 

Giga Abuladze is a bachelor in journalism and mass communications and MA in environmental management and policy.

Giga is a journalist specialized in agro thematic issues with more than 5 years of experience, he is working for several NGO and media organizations.

Giga has worked in agro communication direction for several international organizations, such as: USAID, EBRD, MERCY CORPS… He is also chairman of Neighborhood Agriguild, which covers Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and eastern europe. 

Giga participated in the creation and implementation of a module for ago journalists which is already taught in several universities.  

Nugzar Suaridze

Nugzar has worked as the program manager of the JRC since August 2017. Prior to that, from 2010, he served in the same capacity at the GARB. After graduating from the faculty of cinema of the State Institute of Theatre and Film, he took courses of investigative journalism of 60 minutes and the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. He worked in various positions in print and TV media outlets for 20 years.

Today Nugzar is director of firs niche tv channel about agriculture and rural development “Agrogaremo TV”, He also is hosting several discussion programs and is board member of “neighborhood agriguild”.

Zaza Tsotniashvili

Zaza Tsotniashvili is head of programs: BA in Journalism, MA in Media Studies and Multimedia  Production of Caucasus International University, Ph.D in Journalism, Professor.

For 4 years he’ve been as a Rector (President) of Gori University during the active reforming process of education in Georgia. For 8 years he’ve been working as founder and CEO at the House of Education.

Zaza Tsotniashvili is delivering lectures to students in Georgian, Russian and English languages. For 25 years he’ve been working as a lecturer in different universities.  He is a Bachelor, Masters and PHD Degree Program Lecturer in Coverage of Conflicts, Coverage of Politics, Information Warfare, Communications. 

Zaza Tsotniashvili is actively involved in organizing international workshops and trainings, participating in local and foreign conferences.

Research spheres: Information Warfare, Coverage of Conflicts, Media Education.